About the time I was laughing the hardest, the mother of the younger boy looked in the window and saw me laughing. Somehow she knew what I was laughing about. She pointed the boys, I nodded my head and we laughed together through the window.

This was too much; I had to go out and talk with the parents and tell them what I had just seen. We introduced ourselves and I met the two main actors in this unscripted play. I spoke with the parents for a while and we all had another good laugh about what had just happened.

Both parents were good enough to let me take pictures of their boys and I took a few of the knothole too.

After I finished shooting, I said goodbye and headed back inside to finish my coffee. As I walked to the door I noticed something green lying on the deck. There on the deck, just in front of the door was a twenty dollar bill, neatly folded in half and then in half again. I looked around to see if someone had just left but there was no one around. The bill was lying there all by itself. I picked it up and went inside to finish my coffee.

I had just been treated to one of the funniest comedy routines I’ve seen in a while and was paid twenty dollars for watching the show!