Petaluma Boaters Invite The Public To See Petaluma From The River Saturday, May 30

Do you canoe? What about crew?

Do you face forward or backward – paddle, sweep, or scull?

Try these boats and more at the free public Day On The River.

The Petaluma Small Craft Center Coalition, or PSC3, invites the public to join them for a day of boating at “A Day On The River” on Saturday, May 30,

2009 from 9 to 3 p.m. The free event takes place at Petaluma’s Foundry Wharf, at 2nd and H Streets, down at the docks.

Local small craft organizations will be offering rowing and paddling instruction and the opportunity to try an eight-oared rowing shell, a six-person outrigger canoe, and other human-powered watercraft including kayaks and traditional rowboats, as well as stand-up paddling and pedal boats (note: height and age restrictions may apply to on-water activities).

Informational displays about boating organizations and the Petaluma River will be onsite, The Petaluma Small Craft Center Coalition (PSC3) is a local group of river users and advocates whose mission is to promote small craft access to the Petaluma River: primarily through the location and development of a community small craft center for all the citizens of Petaluma and Sonoma County to enjoy.

More than 300 people use small craft on the Petaluma River today-there’s no telling how many more will be able to take advantage of this unique natural and recreational asset if our community has a small craft center featuring rentals, educational facilities, and club and private boat storage.

The supporters of PSC3 have years of hands-on experience putting people on the river, providing training and safety instruction, and serving as stewards of the river.

For more information, please contact Greg Sabourin at (707) 293-3685 or visit