One of the most common reasons for not supporting smoking restrictions given by smokers and non-smokers alike is that such restrictions violate the rights of smokers.

Lost in the discussion is the fact that non-smokers have rights too.

Cigarette butts at a Petaluma City bus stop

Non-smokers have a right to breathe fresh air. Whoever smoked and then littered at this bus stop at 4th and C in Petaluma violated the rights the non-smokers who were unfortunate enough to share the bus stop with a smoker. What about the right of non-smokers to leave the bus stop without the smell of cigarette smoke on their clothes?

What possible excuse does the Petaluma City Council have for not enacting an ordinance that makes it illegal to smoke within twenty feet of a bus stop? Why doesn’t the City Council step up and protect the rights of non-smokers at all city bus stops?

What will it take for the Council to take action? Does someone have to sue Petaluma for allowing exposure to second-hand smoke?

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