The most easily viewed wild place in Petaluma I can think of is the river bank in front of Dempsey’s. Visible from the deck at the Apple Box, the bank slopes down to the river where a thin ribbon of reeds provides an ideal spot for egrets and herons to hunt. At night, nesting herons decorate the redwoods like ornaments on giant Christmas trees. Unfortunately, this little piece of Petaluma’s wild present is an eyesore. The bank is littered with chunks of exposed concrete, electrical conduit juts out into space and a long-withered stump rises above the bank. It’s sad to see such a highly visible spot in the middle of downtown look so down trodden.

Riverbank in front of Dempsey's, Petaluma  Riverbank in front of Dempsey's, Petaluma

Riverbank in front of Dempsey's, Petaluma

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