More Parade of Boat Photos

Having the Petaluma River run into the heart of downtown makes Petaluma special. We're so fortunate to have it!  

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Parade of Boats

Santa rode into town last Saturday night on a yacht escorted by boats of all sizes and shapes. People gathered all around the turning basin to watch the parade of lights that floated into town.

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Sunrise on the Petaluma River Turning Basin

The Petaluma River Turning Basin provides a peaceful setting for a sunrise.

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The Petaluma River Turning Basin

The Petaluma River's Turning Basin plays an important part in making Petaluma's downtown as vibrant as it is. Imagine if the view from the Apple Box deck was a parking lot?!

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You can take it to the bank…

but you can't drive it home. Tough luck for the owner of this car parked in the parking lot of the Bank of the West on Saturday. The two responders had a tough time trying to pop the hood. They were eventually able to pry it open. The car looks like [...]

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Loo with a View

Not a lot of privacy but it beats the view from my bathroom! North River Landing construction site, Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma, CA

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Petaluma Wild Places

The most easily viewed wild place in Petaluma I can think of is the river bank in front of Dempsey's. Visible from the deck at the Apple Box, the bank slopes down to the river where a thin ribbon of reeds provides an ideal spot for egrets and herons to [...]

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Redwood Grove

I shot these photos this morning on a walk downtown. The sun was rising into a pale, clear, blue sky, casting long shafts of light at the base of these redwood trees in Penry Park. The combination of redwood in red light caught my eye.

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Rainy Day Walk: Steamer Landing Park

If you know where to look, you can find wild places in Petaluma. One of the best is Steamer Landing Park. The park is on the edge of downtown just across the D Street Bridge on a small piece of land called McNear's Peninsula. It's a little finger untamed land [...]

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Going, going, …

Petaluma is losing a piece (or several pieces) of its history on Petaluma Blvd. North. If you know any of the history of this building, I'd love to hear about it!

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