Who’s Leon?

I own and operate a Web site, www.alwaysangels.com, on which I sell a variety of Angel-themed gifts. I find most of my Angels at the International Gift Fair which is held twice a year at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. But I don't find all of my Angels in [...]

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Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Cultures that lived before the coming of Christ celebrated the winter solstice and the coming of the sun. Since the coming of Christ, Christians celebrate the coming of the Son at the same time of the year. As is common with many religious feasts, festivals and celebrations, Christmas is full [...]

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Here Comes the Sun

As astronomers would say (and the Beatles too), here comes the sun. Or as Christians would say, here comes the Son. Whatever your point of view, happy Winter Solstice. There was a full eclipse of the moon last night. Having a full eclipse fall on the same day as the [...]

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On a clear day

On a clear, still day, you can see reflections in the Petaluma River and there were some pretty ones yesterday. There was just enough of a breeze to add some interesting ripples to the images. Petaluma River Reflections

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Up Town

You don't have to visit the top of one of Petaluma's parking garages to get a view of our town from above the Boulevard. Penry Park offers great views of Petaluma looking to the south east. Step out of the park and onto the sidewalk and you get an excellent [...]

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Filled with hate

Two people were standing in front of the Post Office downtown Wednesday, a man and a woman. They were well-dressed and for all outward appearances, they looked like most people downtown Wednesday. But in one way, they were not like most people downtown that day. Unlike most, this man and [...]

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Cloud Watching

Today has been an outstanding day for cloud watching. The sky is filled with puffy, billowy cumulus clouds that provide exceptional backgrounds for photographs. Clouds add drama to a photograph in ways that a clear, blue sky just can't. Here are a few pictures I took today. If you want [...]

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In a Select Group

I just read on Yahoo News that today only 11% of Americans look up telephone numbers in the white pages. The % is so small that  regulators are allowing telecommunications companies to stop mass-printing residential phone books. So far New York, Florida and Pennsylvania have approved Verizon's request to stop [...]

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Top of the town

From the top of the downtown parking garage you get a panoramic, birds-eye view of Petaluma. If you visit the fourth floor of the garage, you'll be treated to view of Petaluma from a very different perspective than the one you get from the ground. And of course, bring a [...]

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Up on the roof

Big, puffy clouds add a lot to the background of a photo. A cloud-filled sky can make the difference between a good photo and a memorable one. When the skies over Petaluma fill with cumulus clouds, it’s time to take out the camera and make some pictures. My favorite place [...]

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