CA Senator Leland Yee presented a fine figure yesterday, enjoying shark fin soup while lobbying against AB 376, a bill banning the sale and distribution of shark fins in California. I wonder if Senator Yee thinks about the terrible deaths countless sharks die each year so he can eat soup made from their severed fins and tails.

To make shark fin soup, sharks have their fins and tails cut off; then they are thrown back into the ocean. A shark with its fins and tail cut off can’t swim. It sinks to the bottom of the ocean where, if it doesn’t die of its injuries, it will die of starvation. It is doomed to die a cruel, painful death. Why? So Senator Yee and others can eat soup.

A shark with its fins and tail cut off is not unlike a man who has his hands and feet cut off and is then thrown into the ocean. I wonder if Senator Yee thinks of this when he enjoys shark fin soup.

They may only be sharks, but people who eat shark fin soup contribute to mass murder on an unimaginable scale. Why? So they can eat soup.

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