Sonoma County

Sonoma County My wife and I went for a Sunday drive along the Sonoma County back roads between our house and the coast. At this time of year, the hills turn into green, lush, rolling lawns as far as the eye can see. If we had stopped to take every [...]

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Petaluma Streets: Aurora Boree-oilus

Petaluma Streets Petaluma's streets are full of surprises. After all the rain we've had this last week, places where petroleum products have dripped onto the streets have turned in oily rainbows. Good news: the spots are pretty to look at. Bad news: when they find their way into storm drains, they will [...]

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Our Lying President

Below is a link to an article written by Benjamin Haas. Mr. Haas is a student at Stanford Law School. He graduated from West Point in 2009 and was an intelligence officer in the Army for five years, including two deployments to Afghanistan. Here are three quotes from Mr. Haas' [...]

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Petaluma Streets: The Turning Basin

Petaluma Streets: The Turning Basin Most week days I'm at the Apple Box by 7:15 to enjoy some quiet time by the Petaluma River. Early mornings provide some of the best light of the day for photography. Three mornings, three different moods, three unique beginnings...      

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Petaluma Streets: Hello Dolly

Petaluma Streets: Hello Dolly Petaluma streets are filled with objects that are just waiting to be photographed. Some are historical, some artistic, others have a natural beauty. Occasionally you find something, well, odd. I found something odd today; a Volvo parked on 2nd St and decorated in a rather unusual [...]

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Petaluma Streets – The Petaluma River stays in place

The Petaluma River stays in place The streets of Petaluma that front the river remained mostly dry on Sunday, 1/8/2017. Despite quite a drenching, the Petaluma river didn't overflow into streets like C and H that dead end at the river. Before, during and after photos of Sunday's storm. C [...]

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Petaluma Streets – The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas On the Petaluma Blvd N block between Western Ave and Washington St in downtown Petaluma, just about every vertical object from corner to corner had a colorful scarf with a note attached to it that read, "I am not lost! If you are stuck out in the [...]

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Petaluma Streets – Not your mother’s vacuum

Petaluma Streets Not your mother's vacuum cleaner I spotted this sign on a telephone pole on 5th street in Petaluma. I've seen signs for lost dogs and lost cats and even a lost turtle once. But I've never seen a sign for a lost vacuum cleaner before! The author of [...]

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Trains and boats and planes

Trains and boats and planes Trains and boats and planes are all pictured along American Alley in downtown Petaluma. Working men, tools, factories are all present as part of the murals’ theme of working class America. The addition of gears attached to the wall gives the murals a three-dimensional touch. [...]

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Petaluma Streets – American Alley

Petaluma - American Alley Petaluma streets Petaluma streets provide a canvas for local artists. The murals that grace buildings downtown are many and varied. Some are historical. Some are whimsical. Others are like large paintings of Sonoma County scenes. One of my favorite collections of murals is the [...]

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