Kentucky St Buildings

Architectural Details Dates, scrolls and more It's easy to miss the details in the buildings downtown. Dates (1870), scrolls, advertising from long ago; all there for our viewing and enjoyment. These buildings are on Kentucky St, between Western Ave. and Washington St. 157 Kentucky St, Petaluma, CA 133 Kentucky St, [...]

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Petaluma Streets: Murals

Petaluma Streets: Murals On Petaluma's streets you'll find a wide variety of murals. Some depict Petaluma's history such as the mural by Steve della Maggiora at the corner of Petaluma Blvd. N. and Washington Street. This beautiful mural depicts the history of Petaluma from the days before Vallejo arrived up [...]

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Turning Basin, Petaluma, CA

Sunrise The golden hour Mornings an hour after sunrise and evenings an hour before sunset provide some of the best light for photography in an entire day. The light is so ideal for photographs that either hour is often referred to as a golden hour. I took these photos early [...]

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Look up!

Look up! Look up. When flying a drone, it’s important to look up. I look up to see where the drone is; I look up to see what the drone might fly into. What's up? While looking up, I notice overhead objects that I might miss otherwise. Here a few, [...]

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Petaluma – Early Sunday Morning

Petaluma - Early Sunday morning It's dangerous and illegal to fly over people unless they are part of your crew. So Sunday morning, I got up my drone up early enough that Petaluma's streets would be empty. Petaluma Blvd N and Western Ave Here are a few of my favorite photos. [...]

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Petaluma River Cleanup

David Yearsley - River Heritage Center David Yearsley - River Heritage Center David Yearsley - River Heritage Center David Yearsley - River Heritage Center Drone images of the annual Petaluma River cleanup, held May 5, 2018.

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Sonoma County

Sonoma County My wife and I went for a Sunday drive along the Sonoma County back roads between our house and the coast. At this time of year, the hills turn into green, lush, rolling lawns as far as the eye can see. If we had stopped to take every [...]

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Petaluma Streets: Aurora Boree-oilus

Petaluma Streets Petaluma's streets are full of surprises. After all the rain we've had this last week, places where petroleum products have dripped onto the streets have turned in oily rainbows. Good news: the spots are pretty to look at. Bad news: when they find their way into storm drains, they will [...]

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Our Lying President

Below is a link to an article written by Benjamin Haas. Mr. Haas is a student at Stanford Law School. He graduated from West Point in 2009 and was an intelligence officer in the Army for five years, including two deployments to Afghanistan. Here are three quotes from Mr. Haas' [...]

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Petaluma Streets: The Turning Basin

Petaluma Streets: The Turning Basin Most week days I'm at the Apple Box by 7:15 to enjoy some quiet time by the Petaluma River. Early mornings provide some of the best light of the day for photography. Three mornings, three different moods, three unique beginnings...      

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