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The graveyard humor of skeletons dressed as Santa was on display in more than one Petaluma location last year. Perhaps the artist who painted these windows and the designer of Santa's graveyard were making a statement about what the "Holidays" have turned into. In at least a commercial sense, the [...]

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Double Duty

It's hard to believe that Christmas was just over two weeks ago. Time marches on. The residents of this home in Petaluma have found an interesting way to get more enjoyment out of the time they spent putting up Halloween decorations.    

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Merry Christmas: Roots of the Christmas tree tradition

At this time of year, the winter solstice, cultures that lived before the coming of Christ celebrated the coming of the sun. And it is no coincidence that Christians celebrate the coming of the Son at the same time of the year. As with many religious feasts, festivals and celebrations, [...]

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Happy Winter Solstice!

As astronomers would say (and the Beatles too), here comes the sun. Or as Christians would say, here comes the Son. Whatever your point of view, happy Winter Solstice.

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Here Comes The Sun

Since the first day of summer last June, each day has been approximately two minutes shorter than the day before it. But the losses stop this week. In case you missed the announcement, Friday, which is the first day of Winter, will also be the shortest day of the year. [...]

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More Parade of Boat Photos

Having the Petaluma River run into the heart of downtown makes Petaluma special. We're so fortunate to have it!  

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Parade of Boats

Santa rode into town last Saturday night on a yacht escorted by boats of all sizes and shapes. People gathered all around the turning basin to watch the parade of lights that floated into town.

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Sunrise on the Petaluma River Turning Basin

The Petaluma River Turning Basin provides a peaceful setting for a sunrise.

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The Petaluma River Turning Basin

The Petaluma River's Turning Basin plays an important part in making Petaluma's downtown as vibrant as it is. Imagine if the view from the Apple Box deck was a parking lot?!

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You can take it to the bank…

but you can't drive it home. Tough luck for the owner of this car parked in the parking lot of the Bank of the West on Saturday. The two responders had a tough time trying to pop the hood. They were eventually able to pry it open. The car looks like [...]

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