Petaluma Streets – The Petaluma River stays in place

The Petaluma River stays in place The streets of Petaluma that front the river remained mostly dry on Sunday, 1/8/2017. Despite quite a drenching, the Petaluma river didn't overflow into streets like C and H that dead end at the river. Before, during and after photos of Sunday's storm. C [...]

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Petaluma Streets – The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas On the Petaluma Blvd N block between Western Ave and Washington St in downtown Petaluma, just about every vertical object from corner to corner had a colorful scarf with a note attached to it that read, "I am not lost! If you are stuck out in the [...]

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Petaluma Streets – Not your mother’s vacuum

Petaluma Streets Not your mother's vacuum cleaner I spotted this sign on a telephone pole on 5th street in Petaluma. I've seen signs for lost dogs and lost cats and even a lost turtle once. But I've never seen a sign for a lost vacuum cleaner before! The author of [...]

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Trains and boats and planes

Trains and boats and planes Trains and boats and planes are all pictured along American Alley in downtown Petaluma. Working men, tools, factories are all present as part of the murals’ theme of working class America. The addition of gears attached to the wall gives the murals a three-dimensional touch. [...]

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Petaluma Streets – American Alley

Petaluma - American Alley Petaluma streets Petaluma streets provide a canvas for local artists. The murals that grace buildings downtown are many and varied. Some are historical. Some are whimsical. Others are like large paintings of Sonoma County scenes. One of my favorite collections of murals is the [...]

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Down by the Petaluma River

I rediscovered a quiet spot on the bank of the Petaluma River; it's just east of G St and 1st St. That's the Shamrock Materials plant across the river from the bench. The red building is the David Yearsley River Heritage Center. Bench by the Petaluma River Bench [...]

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Brewster’s Beer Garden coming along

Construction on Brewster's Beer Garden is moving right along. Progress slowed down for a while during the rain we had in March but the exterior of the building closest to Petaluma Boulevard is getting close to completion.

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Freedom of religion

"I never will, by any word or act, bow to the shrine of intolerance or admit a right of inquiry into the religious opinions of others." -Thomas Jefferson The next time someone tells you we should keep all Muslims out of the US, remind them that our country was founded [...]

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New Petaluma Restaurant

New Petaluma Restaurant - Hey There Neighbors! In case you haven't noticed, a new restaurant/beer garden (Brewsters Beer Garden) is being built in the parking lot next to Buffalo Billiards (246 Petaluma Blvd N). Across the street from the Bank of America, because the parking lot is below street level, [...]

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Anonymous generosity in Petaluma

Petaluma Generosity I saw this to-go box on a bench at a bus stop on Petaluma Blvd. At first glance, it looked like someone had forgotten the remains of a meal. A peek inside the box revealed an entire meal, not leftovers, and a fork. Apparently a generous person purchased the [...]

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